Monday, October 28, 2013

Tripods Recommended

Micro Tripod

Sometimes you need a really small tripod, like for taking a "selfie" (picture of yourself) with a smartphone, or (in my case) as a stand for a digital audio recorder. The usual mini tripods (even the smallest GorillaPod) are a bit clunky. A cool alternative is the sleek, neatly folding Jelly Legs Micro Tripod by Square Jellyfish. The legs can be adjusted and locked for uneven surfaces. There's even a micro ball head available, and a bracket to hold your smartphone. Recommended.

Standard Tripod (Photo and/or Video)

A good, affordable tripod for general purpose photo and video use that's relatively light in weight but still solid is the SLIK U8000 Photo/Video Tripod. Features: 3-way fluid effect pan head. Quick release shoe for easy mounting and removal of camera or camcorder. Oversize, single action, speed release leg locks for adjusting tripod height in seconds. Geared center column. Length folded 23 1/4 in, Height extended 59 1/12 in, Extension center column 11 5/6 in, Weight 3 lbs 5 oz. Recommended.

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