Friday, November 1, 2013

iGoogle Alternative

iGoogle was an excellent tool for customizing your own Web landing (start) page with a wide variety of sources conveniently arranged in multiple tabs. I say "was" because Google shut it down on November 1, 2013, just as it has shut down other valuable and important services before it, including Reader. (See Google Reader Lessons)

If you were a user of iGoogle, or are simply looking for a good custom Web landing page, I recommend My Yahoo, which has an excellent mobile view in addition to its standard view. It has much of the functionality of iGoogle, although not as many Packaged Pages (widgets), but that can often be remedied with RSS feeds. (Yahoo Widget development was shut down in 2012, so the longer term outlook for My Yahoo is uncertain.)

Other alternatives:


  1. My yahoo is bit difficult to use. If anyone find the best igoogle alternatives then here you can choose your best iGoogle alternatives .

    1. My Yahoo seems pretty straightforward to me, and I disagree with much of what that review site has to say; e.g., removing My Yahoo widgets is actually quite easy, and it completely omits iGoogle Portal.

  2. Hey guys! Have you tried ?
    It's an igoogle alternative which allows you to create your widgets from sites you follow.

  3. Surprised to see that isn't on this list! Definitely worth checking out and maybe adding it after all :-)