Friday, December 24, 2021

Rapid COVID Test

Flowflex at home COVID test
Flowflex COVID test

Rapid COVID tests help prevent transmission and community spread.

To do your own rapid COVID test at home, there are two tricky parts:
  1. Choosing a test that can detect the new omicron variant.
    We don't yet have enough data to be sure, but these seem the best bets based on what we know now (in priority order):
    1. Flowflex. Latest technology, only a single test required, just $10. Recommended.
    2. iHealth. Two tests required, $18 on Amazon.
    3. QuickVue. Two tests required, $24 for a kit.
    4. BinaxNOW. Similar to QuickVue,
  2. Finding them in stock.
    • Try: AmazonCVS,* Rite Aid, Target, Walgreens, Walmart.
    • * CVS:
      1. Open test product page on CVS website; e.g., Flowflex.
      2. Click Check nearby stores.
      3. Enter ZIP code and select Show stores where this item is available.
      4. Call store to be sure, ideally when it first opens.