Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chromebook Pixel: close, but no cigar

The Google Chromebook Pixel is presumably meant to be the best that a Chromebook can be, and while it is an attractive package with a killer screen, it has a number of flaws that just don't belong in a premium-priced machine:

9. Bluetooth: 3.0 is adequate, but it should have been 4.0 for the advances in power conservation (battery life).

8. DisplayPort: DisplayPort is adequate, but HDMI would have made more sense.

7. Storage: 32GB isn't enough for a premium machine; 64GB should have been the minimum.

6. Memory: 4GB isn't enough for effectively managing many open tabs; 8GB should have been included.

5. USB: 2.0 is painfully slow; 3.0 is becoming essential for high speed devices.

4. Gloss: Glare is a problem on the glossy screen; should have been non-glare. 

3. Weight: At 3.35 lbs it's about a pound heavier than it should be, almost as heavy as a light notebook computer.

2. Keyboard: Just backlit isn't enough, a premium machine warrants a premium keyboard (like the Lenovo ThinkPad).

1. Battery: 4 hours of typical use just doesn't cut it, needs to be 8 hours (at least double).

As the saying goes, "Never buy version 1.0!" And Chromebook Pixel is no exception. Perhaps Google will get it right with version 2.0.

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