Thursday, October 11, 2012

Navas' Rules of Mobile

For Developers and Content Providers
(Parts shamelessly adapted from Google's Android Design)
  1. The essence of mobile is movement, not a small screen.
  2. Minimize use of resources (data, battery, memory, etc).
  3. Make it easy to access either mobile or standard version of content.
  4. Optimize standard version of content so it works as well as possible on mobile.
  5. Don't presume to know what I want; instead, make it easy for me to get what I actually want.
  6. Make me amazing. Do the heavy lifting for me.
  7. Only show what I need when I need it, and make important things fast.
  8. Simplify my life, get to know me, but let me make it mine.
  9. Don't abuse our relationship in any way. Always ask me for permission.
  10. Either do it right, or don't do it at all
Note: I plan to expand each rule with a paragraph of explanation, so please do check back.

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