Sunday, April 3, 2011

Favorite Android Apps

Android apps I use and recommend (with links to Android Market):
  • AContact (new!)
    Advanced Contact management
  • Adobe Flash Player
    View website Flash content
  • AndFTP
    Download and upload files by FTP
  • Antennas
    Display nearby cellular towers and signal strength
  • App Cache Cleaner
    Free up memory by clearing cached data
  • BeyondPod
    Best podcatcher for Android (download or stream podcasts)
  • B&H Photo Video Pro Audio (new!)
    online source of photo, video, audio, computers, and more
  • Blogger
    Update your Google Blog from Android
  • Chrome to Phone
    Send content to Android from Google Chrome browser on your PC
  • ColorDict Dictionary Translate
    Excellent customizable dictionary, translations too
  • ConvertPad - Unit Converter
    Wide range of unit conversions
  • Craigslist Notification
    Automatic search for stuff on craigslist
  • dMarks (new!)
    Best way to access and manage Browser Bookmarks
  • Docs (new!)
    Google has finally made Docs relevant to Android
  • Download All Files (new!)
    Makes it possible to download pretty much anything
  • eBay (new!)
    The official app is now pretty good
  • Equalizer
    Adjust frequencies and sound effects (Gingerbread and later)
  • ES File Explorer
    Best file manager for Android
  • exoScribe (new!)
    Save and edit notes as regular text files (unlike other apps)
  • Fandango (new!)
    Buy movie tickets online
  • GasBuddy
    Check gas station prices around you
  • Gesture Search
    Great way to access your Apps, Bookmarks, Contacts, etc
  • Go SMS Pro
    Messaging redefined, powerful and flexible
  • Google Voice
    Voice telephony redefined, excellent
  • GPS Test (new!)
    Detailed GPS information, including exact location and time
  • Groundhog Newreader
    Best Usenet article reader for Android
  • Groupon (new!)
    Must have for Groupon junkies
  • IMDb
    Internet Movie Database, reference for movies
  • KeePassDroid
    Securely manage and share passwords between Android and PC
  • Log Collector
    Send Android System Log to developer after an app crashes
  • MortPlayer Audio Book
    Best audio book player for Android
  • Movies
    Flixster movie app, reviews, showtimes, and more
  • Music (Google Beta) (new!)
    Stream your music from the cloud
  • My Tracks
    Google app great for hiking, records your track
  • NetCounter
    Keeps track of wireless data usage
  • Newegg (new!)
    One of the best sellers of electronic gear on the Internet
  • NoLED (new!)
    Display notifications over your lock screen
  • OpenTable
    Find restaurants and make reservations
  • Pandora
    Awesome free music streaming service
  • Prey
    Protects your Android against theft or loss
  • QuickMark (new!)
    Best QR code scanner and generator for Android
  • QuickPic
    Image viewer that's elegant, efficient, and faster than stock Gallery app
  • RepliGo Reader
    Best way to view PDF documents on Android (better than Adobe)
  • SendContact (new!) Share your contacts in various ways
  • Shaddapp (new!)
    Best app sharing for Android
  • Shopper
    Google's nice shopping app, look up products by bar code
  • SoundHound
    Amazing way to recognize and identify songs
  • Speed Test
    Check your wireless data speed
  • Starbucks
    Official way to pay and to manage your account
  • Superpages
    Online yellow pages
  • Swype
    Great keyboard alternative, tracing faster than typing
  • TuneIn Radio
    Excellent Internet radio
  • Widgetsoid
    Great way to control your Android from Notification Bar
  • Wifi Analyzer
    Display nearby Wi-Fi access points and signal strength
  • Yelp
    Local merchants with ratings
So which Android smartphone do I use?
Nexus S, pure Android, best smartphone for my needs.

Updated: October 23, 2011


      1. Great list here! I'd be lost without my Android phone and Pandora app! I have the Samsung Epic as my phone and love everything about it! The coolest app I have comes from my TV provider/employer DISH Network. It's called DISH Remote Access and lets me browse my TV guide and setup recordings for later when I'm at home. Plus with my purchase of their Sling Adapter I am able to watch live and recorded TV straight through my phone on 3G or WiFi. It's really cool, I love it! :)

      2. Favorite app is called GayDar Extreme. Gay Radar detector. Very funny.

      3. Google Docs is very rickety.
        Considering Google pushes GApps and owns the android-sphere, why is this so poorly implemented?

        Editing is one line at a time.
        Create/Edit is not Wysywig like desktop version
        Can't use offline, even if you have a doc open, when you switch apps (on tablet) it throws an error.

        It's easier to edit/work in email.