Friday, August 27, 2021

Mini UPS for Modem, ONT, VoIP, Router

TalentCell SL3400 Mini UPS
With VoIP telephone service, battery backup of the modem, ONT (Optical Network Terminator, like a modem for fiber), and VoIP adapter are important to maintain telephone (and Internet) service during a long power outage (e.g., during an earthquake or other disaster, which can knock out cell phone service).

Unfortunately, conventional 110VAC UPS units won't provide extended runtime. (They are typically good for only 2-4 hours even with a small load.) What will work is a "mini" UPS designed to directly power 12VDC equipment; e.g., modem, ONT, VoIP adapter, and/or wireless router.

If you have a wireless router for your Internet service, either rented or purchased, while it may be able to share a mini UPS with a modem or ONT, it's better to put it on its own UPS so as not to reduce modem or ONT runtime.

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