Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mini Wireless Multifunction Routers

Apple pioneered this category of capable mini devices with the AirPort Express, and now there are less expensive alternatives. Multifunction capability is what makes them special, the ability to be configured as:
  • Router (base station)
  • Access Point (supplement existing router)
  • Client Bridge (wireless connection of wired devices)
  • Repeater (extend wireless coverage)
Apple AirPort Express (latest version)
  • Pro: Easy setup with AirPort Utility, simultaneous dual band wireless, printer server, AirPlay client for wireless audio
  • Con: Expensive, N150 speed, separate power adapter
Satechi Wireless Multifunction Mini Router
  • Pro: N300 speed, QoS
  • Con: Single band wireless
TP-LINK Mini Pocket Router TL-WR700N
  • Pro: Inexpensive, small (like original AirPort Express)
  • Con: N150 speed, single band wireless

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