Friday, December 13, 2013

HDTV Antenna

ClearStream 2V
With increased online HD quality video streaming from the likes of Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, and with cable TV bills climbing ever higher, it's becoming more attractive and practical to cut the cable, especially if you can get free digital TV signals (HD quality) over the air.

You have the legal right to install your own antenna for over the air reception, and you can check to see what channels you may be able to receive at TV Fool.

Some of the best antenna options for relatively short range reception, as tested in San Francisco (TV Fool report).

Antennas Direct ClearStream 2V

Easy to assemble. High quality construction. Solidly pulled in all green and yellow stations reported by TVFool, both VHF Hi and UHF.

If you need or want the best in this range class, this is the antenna to buy.

If you need longer range reception, Antennas Direct also has more powerful options, as well as a good indoor option, Micron R, which may be available at a bargain price refurbished.


Relatively easy to assemble, except a bolt was missing, purchased replacement from local hardware store. Also purchased cable zip ties to secure coax to mast and boom. One element was loose enough to wobble freely due to poor riveting, had to insert shims to stabilize.

Pulled in all green stations reported by TVFool, both VHF Hi and UHF, but not solid on yellow.

Good value.


ClearStream 2V definitely more sensitive than ANT751, in addition to better construction quality, clear on yellow UHF channels that break up on ANT751, also picked up a very weak (unwatchable) VHF station not found by ANT751.

However, ANT751 may be sufficiently good for many purposes (if yellow stations are not of interest), and is much less expensive ($50 vs $100).


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