Friday, April 5, 2013

Great Coffee by the Cup

Pod-type coffee brewers (e.g., Keurig, K-Fee, Nespresso) are all the current rage, but they trade aroma and taste for convenience, chiefly because you're not getting freshly roasted and freshly ground coffee, which are the keys to a great cup. In addition, the brewing machines can be quite expensive. Fortunately, there are simple and inexpensive ways to get great coffee by the cup with easy cleanup:

Aerobie AeroPress

What makes Aerobie AeroPress special is the plunger for forcing brewed coffee out of grounds with air pressure, thereby ensuring full extraction for maximum strength, espresso-type drinks in a hurry.

Clever Coffee Dripper

What makes Clever Coffee Dripper special as compared to a standard cone filter holder or coffee maker is that ground coffee is kept in contact with water for the entire brewing period by means of a valve in the bottom of the holder, which ensures full brewing like a French press, but without the problem of sediment, especially if a paper filter is used (rather than a gold metal filter).


For best results use freshly ground coffee, ideally by grinding your own with a good burr mill -- see Coffee Grinders under $100.

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