Wednesday, February 17, 2010

VHF Radio with DSC and GPS plus AIS

    Your crew are outfitted with hand-held VHF radios with DSC and GPS (see Hand-held VHF Radio Could Save Your Life) that will transmit exact locations should they fall overboard. Excellent. So now how do you actually find them? And since you're so safety conscious, wouldn't you also like to have an AIS receiver? The answer: Standard Horizon Matrix AIS GX2100, which has many cool features, including:
    • Dual Channel AIS Receiver built-in
    • Contact AIS Ship with DSC
    • AIS Closest Point of Approach Alarm
    • Navigate to waypoints with Compass page
    • Navigate to DSC Distress Call
    • Programmable Scanning and Soft Keys
    Highly recommended! Find It Online with Google Products

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